Welcome to the Mobile Factory and my hanging mobile gallery!

All mobiles and stabiles are my own original designs and are carefully hand-made to your order using techniques and materials representative of the methods employed by Alexander Calder; the artist / inventor of the hanging mobile as a form of kinetic sculpture. Primary materials used in construction are aluminum sheet metal and stainless steel wire. Painted surfaces are primed and then painted with a high quality acrylic paint. I prefer to use a satin-finish paint to avoid light reflections and to achieve maximum color saturation.


Here are some new mobile designs that I have recently completed. Be sure to check here periodically for more new designs!

hanging mobile - Spacely
18" tall x 35" wide

hanging mobile - Poppy
32" tall x 31" wide

hanging mobile - Perihelion
22" tall x 38" wide

hanging mobile - Orbit
37" tall x 26" wide

hanging mobile - Gemini
52" tall x 38" wide

hanging mobile - Apogee
32 tall x 30" wide

What makes hanging mobiles from The Mobile Factory different?

There are a variety of sources for hanging mobiles on the Internet, ranging from inexpensive mass-produced items stocked and sold by distributors, to finer pieces that are produced by crafters and artists.

My mobiles are works of art. They are beautiful abstract sculptures that you will be proud to display prominently in your modern home. I take great care in the design and construction of my work. Each mobile is carefully constructed, made to order, unique, and signed/dated.

You will not find baby mobiles, shopping carts, sale items, newsletters, or even prices on this web site. But you will find the most beautiful and creative mobile designs available!

How to shop

You will find size and color information listed below for each mobile. Click on a thumbnail image for more information.
Send me an email and I'll be happy to send you my complete price list and delivery information. USPS shipping is included for domestic orders. I accept PayPal, checks, and money orders.

Note: Alterations in size and color are always welcomed, and if you are interested in a custom hanging mobile, visit the Commissions page for some examples of representative work produced in conjunction with client input and send me your thoughts.

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hanging mobile - amelia
28" tall x 56" sweep diameter

hanging mobile - skritch
26" tall x 28" sweep diameter

hanging mobile - Satori
19" tall x 48" sweep diameter

hanging mobile - Hobgoblin
24" tall x 27" wide

hanging mobile - Aquilla
38" tall x 69" sweep diameter

hanging mobile - A Tad Bit
A Tad Bit
33.5" tall x 60" sweep diameter

A few words about PLASTIC

Many mobile artists these days are using plastic. Some are even using high-density EVA craft foam (ugh!). The big advantage to the artist is that the use of pre-colored plastic sheets eliminates a very time-consuming, skillful, and somewhat messy painting process. Plastic is also easier to cut, and requires little finishing work. In other words, the artist saves time, and time is money. But there are some big disadvantages to plastic. The range of available colors is limited, and the artist must be careful to use an appropriate plastic that will not degrade in strength or color under UV exposure. You will also find that some artists are using thick pieces of plastic which, quite simply, look ugly and result in a heavy mobile that looks and moves like a slug. I have nothing against plastic when used appropriately and skillfully, my mobile Misaki is constructed of plastic, but I find that sheet metal and high quality acrylic paint gives me the design versatility, quality, and beauty that I require for my work.

hanging mobile - Ghostly
40" tall x 54" sweep diameter

hanging mobile - Analysis
40" tall x 54" sweep diameter

hanging mobile - Quiver
38" tall x 9 ft sweep diameter

hanging mobile - Quiet Ending
Quiet Ending
29" tall x 36" sweep diameter

hanging mobile - Wilco
33" tall x 47" wide

hanging mobile - Nautilus
34" tall x 28" wide diameter

Hanging mobiles as a design element for interior decorating

A hanging mobile is the perfect way to add an accent and bring some life to your living space!  Mobiles especially suit rooms in your home or office that are decorated in Mid-Century Modern (Mod), Retro / Atomic, or eclectic décor, but you may find that they also fit well in other areas such as a children’s room, or recreation room. A two-story foyer or a room with a vaulted ceiling is the perfect area to hang a mobile!

hanging mobile - Vector
38" tall x 64" sweep diameter

hanging mobile - Tokyo
29" tall x 34" sweep diameter

hanging mobile - Elliptical
32" tall x 42" swing diameter

hanging mobile - Questron
32" tall x 66" sweep diameter

hanging mobile - Shattered
46" tall x 68" sweep diameter

hanging mobile - Angler
42" tall x 62" sweep diameter

Hanging mobiles as art

Do you love art, but find that your walls have reached the saturation point with all of the paintings and photographs that you've hung up? Would you like to have a piece of original sculpture in your home but have no place to display it? Would you like to have an accent piece that immediately captures your attention as you enter the room, yet is unobtrusive? If the answer is yes, it is time to think about adding a hanging mobile to your collection!

hanging mobile - Wyvern
44" tall x 50" wide
(retired - no longer available)

hanging mobile - Camouflage
29" tall x 64" sweep diameter
(retired - no longer available)

hanging mobile - 10 Crows
10 Crows
32" tall x 56" sweep diameter
(retired - no longer available)

hanging mobile - Blip
38" tall x 58" sweep diameter
(retired - no longer available)

hanging mobile - Chaos
44" x 44" sweep diameter
(retired - no longer available)

hanging mobile - Ricochet
19" tall x 32" sweep diameter
(retired - no longer available)

Hanging Mobiles are a unique art form!

Unlike other forms of abstract art, a mobile can be appreciated by people of all ages and tastes. Each design has its own personality and each one exhibits a unique combination of playfulness and stately elegance. In addition, you will find that your mobile is a dynamic work of art that is constantly changing its appearance as it interacts with the light and invisible air currents in your environment. Even the number of people in a room and their movement will have an affect on the motion of your mobile. A hanging mobile is truly a living sculpture that shares your space and interacts with you. Many people find mobiles to be a relaxing influence in their environment and enjoy focusing on one during meditation. One thing is for sure, it is impossible to look at a mobile and not feel a little happier!

Caring for your hanging mobile

These mobiles are original hand-made museum-quality kinetic sculptures that are carefully constructed of durable materials to last a lifetime. Each mobile ships with hanging hardware and assembly instructions (if required). These are lightweight sculptures that are designed for indoor use only. A simple eye-screw (provided) in a drywall (sheetrock) ceiling is sufficient for a hanging point, and high-strength UV resistant clear hanging line with a swivel attachment is included in each order. After you've installed the mobile, a simple periodic cleaning twice a year with a feather duster is all that is required to keep it looking sharp. Each mobile is unconditionally guaranteed for life, so if you ever damage it or have a problem with it, please contact me for instructions on making a return.