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Like a clock maker gone mad, David Roy is creating some unbelievably beautiful and unique kinetics that utilize elaborate spring-driven mechanisms to create endlessly changing patterns in his beautifully crafted wood sculptures. You really should check out his web page at: http://www.woodthatworks.com/

Timothy Rose was one of the first mobile artists that I discovered on the Internet. I immediately fell in love with his lively and creative designs and spent many hours enjoying his web site. He is also the author of a popular book on mobile making. Sadly, Mr. Rose passed away several years ago, but his son Alexander still maintains the original web site. I highly encourage you to visit: http://www.mobilesculpture.com

Jennifer Mitchell produces unique stained-glass mobiles using slab or sheet glass. Her handcrafted mobiles come in a variety of sizes and are designed for balance, sparkle and beauty. http://glassmobiles.com/

Do you need a spurtle or a dibber? How about a "bits'n'bobs" bowl, or a beautiful handmade Weedpot? Visit the Seafoam Woodturning Studio and check out the beautiful work by Derek Andrews. If you are planning a wedding, be sure to take a look at his personalized bottle stoppers.

Rose Rushbrooke, artist and quilt maker, is a genius at making fractal art quilts. You really have to check our her web site! She also sells quilting and sewing supplies. Fractal Art Quilts

Can Cleveland be MOD? You bet! Check out this informative and interesting site to find lists of all that's noteworthy, mid-century modern, historic, retro, independent, worthwhile, and otherwise interesting in the Cleveland area at moderncleveland

I have always been amazed by Alexander Calder's portraits that were completely rendered in brilliant lines of bent and twisted wire. Some fantastic work is being done by modern day artists as well, so if you are interested in Wire Sculpture or Wirework Crafts, I suggest that you check out this site: Wire Magic - Gallery

It's all about balance!.... one of my favorite pastimes is Unicycling. Here is the main web page to get yourself connected to the e-world of one wheel travel: http://www.unicycling.org/

I also love to practice Origami, the ancient art of paperfolding. Here is a terrific origami web site to visit: http://www.origami.vancouver.bc.ca/

Pardon My Chardon - a photo blog and place to share images (past and present) of Chardon, Ohio. Your submissions are welcome! http://www.pardonmychardon.com/


Boomerang Modern digital consciousness logo GOMOD.COM - bringing modern design home hi and lo modern Mobiles by Julie Frith

www.kugelbahn.ch This website is devoted to the subject of Rolling Ball Sculptures, curious machines, mechanical sculptures, automata and other moving art, generally known as kinetic art.

www.HarryMcDaniel.com Harry McDaniel is a sculptor living in Asheville North Carolina who creates beautiful mobiles, wall sculptures, and free-standing sculptures. I particularly love his "Ginkgo" mobile. When you visit, be sure to check out Harry's autobiographical information on his "About Harry" page. He's a very interesting and talented guy!

Wire Tree Sculpture by Sal Villano Unique wire sculpture of Bonsai and many other types of trees. Plus, How to create wire tree sculpture book.

Contemporary Cloth Contemporary fabrics for interior design, wearables, quilting...any of your home sewing adventures.

Modern Wall Art Modern Wall Art specializes in contemporary designs for residential and office use. Textile wall hangings: retro, midcentury, atomic, geometric, abstract, barkcloth. New/vintage fabrics, original art.

Tara Hutton Gallery Original artwork recently painted to capture the glamour and essence of the Art Deco Era.

Apartment Therapy Apartment Therapy was founded ...because New York is a town of needy apartments...because New Yorkers are busy...because we want to change the world, one apartment at a time. (A terrific resource for apartment dwellers, even if you don't live in NYC)

S'mOdd Knobs - As odd as knobs can be. Fun and unusual hand painted children's knobs.

Joseph Eichler Homes - Mid-century modern Joseph Eichler homes of California, including San Francisco and Marin County.

Wind Chimes - WindChime.com is the premier retailer of wind chimes in the world. You'll find the widest selection of wind chimes at the lowest prices!

RetroFurniture - Offers 1950s and 1960s diner-style retro furniture decor for bars, dining rooms and more.