Alexander Calder coined the term Stabiles to describe his large monolithic sculptures. Most of these sculptures were designed for exterior environmental display and many did not have moving elements. However this term has also been used to describe smaller indoor kinetic sculptures that are displayed from the floor or table top and do not hang from the ceiling; an advantage when vertical space is limited, or when you want the flexibility to easily relocate the sculpture.

Here are a few Stabiles that I have created, and a few other things that you may be interested in.

stabile - Sirius
" Sirius "
Overall height 12"
stabile - Calder's Spider
" Calder's Spider "
Overall height 13"

La Mer Digne - stabile
" La Mer Digne "
22" tall x 19" wide
stabile - Flaps
" Flaps "
11" tall x 21" wide

stabile - Toreador
" Toreador "
Overall height 8 feet
stabile - twang
" Twang "
Overall height 29"

stabile - bookmark
" Bookmark "
Overall length 7"